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PermaSafe CLEAN & SHIELD Antimicrobial Surface Treatment System

The PermaSafe CLEAN (Step 1) & SHIELD (Step 2) system combines the power of surface disinfection and long-term antimicrobial protection for all surfaces. First, PermaSafe CLEAN is applied, leaving the surface primed and sanitised and ready for Step 2. Next, PermaSafe SHIELD is applied, forming a covalent bond of electrostatically charged molecular spikes on the surface. Now your surface is clean, protected and deadly to microorganisms for up to 90 days, without the use of any harmful chemicals or the need for reapplication. It kills and goes on killing 99.99% of bacteria on surfaces and has a 99.99% efficacy against Covid-19. In addition, the CLEAN and SHIELD system destroys and inhibits mould, mildew and fungi, removes allergens, dust mites and dander, eliminates surface and airborne odours, helps seal out and repels liquids, dirt and other spills, is resistant to staining and helps to extend the life of furniture, carpets and other materials. Safe to use on food contact surfaces, electronics (keyboards, EFTPOS terminals, mobile phones, touch screens), medical surfaces, in vehicles, and on all high touch points (desks, door handles, bathroom surfaces, and many more).

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3.78Ltr Bottle (Twin Pack)