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B2006 Wood Epoxy Putty

B2006 Wood Epoxy Putty
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A hand–mixable, fast–setting, epoxy putty specially formulated to repair and rebuild wood quickly and easily. After mixing, it forms a polymer compound that cures to the same density as wood. Each handy stick contains pre–measured portions of activator and base throughout – no measuring or mixing tools are necessary. The consistency (like modelling clay) eliminates drips and runs, facilitates adhesion to the substrate, and allows the material to be formed and sculpted as needed before curing begins. After 60 minutes the application can be drilled, tapped, sawed, sanded, filed, painted, and stained.

Can be used to repair scratches, dry rot, knot holes, gouges and cracks, stripped screw holes, carpenter bee damage. Use B2006 to reshape handles and knobs, carvings, level chair legs, restore furniture, mouldings and trims, picture frames and antiques.

Ensure all surfaces are clean, dry and free of any loose material, roughen surface to create a solid base for the putty to adhere to. Cut off amount of putty needed and knead with fingers to a uniform colour, all black dye must be gone and a uniform light brown colour is left.

Apply to surface to be repaired within 2 minutes of mixing. The mixed epoxy does not show much bond strength at this time, but can be kneaded or formed into cracks or holes to be filled.

After 5-10 minutes the epoxy will harden and form a firm bond. Full chemical cure is reached in 60 minutes. For a smooth appearance of cured epoxy hand rub the epoxy with water prior to hardening.

Store in a cool dry place.

50gm Stick

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