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RTV Silicone Acetic Cure

RTV Silicone Acetic Cure
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Qty SKU Colour Description Price
BOBRTVGPBLK310 BLACK RTV Silicone Acetic Cure, BLACK $15.13
BOBRTVGPCLR310 CLEAR RTV Silicone Acetic Cure, CLEAR $15.13
BOBRTVGPWHT310 WHITE RTV Silicone Acetic Cure, WHITE $15.13
RTV Acetic Cure Silicone

RTV Acetic Cure Silicone is designed to make any size or shape gasket replacing cork, felt, rubber and asbestos gasket systems.

Ideal for sealing and bonding between metal, glass, plastics, concrete, wood and vinyl.
Also suitable for insulating and waterproofing electrical systems and resists temperatures up to 250 degrees celcius.

Clean and dry surfaces to be bonded.
Apply sealant in an uninterrupted uniform bead, the sealant forms a skin in 5 - 10 minutes and reaches full strength in 24 hours.
For assemblies requiring regular disassembly, apply sealant to one cleaned surface and leave for 5 - 10 minutes until a skin has formed then apply a thin layer of oil to the other mating surface and assemble parts.
Hand tigthen the fixings then tighten to required torque after 20 minutes, clean off any excess material with a knife or cleaning solvent.

Clear, White and Black

310ml Cartridge.

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