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Union Check Valve M/F

Union Check Valve M/F
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Qty SKU Pipe Thread Description Price
PFCVMF02 1/8 BSPP Union Check Valve M/F, 1/8 BSPP $16.58
PFCVMF04 1/4 BSPP Union Check Valve M/F, 1/4 BSPP $18.35
PFCVMF06 3/8 BSPP Union Check Valve M/F, 3/8 BSPP $32.26
PFCVMF08 1/2 BSPP Union Check Valve M/F, 1/2 BSPP $35.86
-Used in places where air should flow in one direction only.
-Used in places where the air pressure of the ventilation section should be kept uniform.
-Good for low pressure devices.

-Suitable for low pressure applications.
-This valve allows compressed air from one side flow and blocks the inverse flow to protect and maintain the vacuume line and is easily applied to low pressure piping.

-Working pressure: 150 PSI 
-Cracking pressure: 1.5-3 PSI
-Working Temperature: 0~60°C
-Applicable Tube: Polyurethane, Polyethylene and Nylon

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