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Male Connector Metric

Male Connector Metric
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Qty SKU Description Price
BFW116806M02 Male Connector Metric, 6mm, 1/8 NPT $12.90
BFW116806M04 Male Connector Metric, 6mm, 1/4 NPT $9.73
BFW116806M06 Male Connector Metric, 6mm, 3/8 NPT $13.22
BFW116808M02 Male Connector Metric, 8mm, 1/8 NPT $14.79
BFW116808M04 Male Connector Metric, 8mm, 1/4 NPT $15.50
BFW116808M06 Male Connector Metric, 8mm, 3/8 NPT $14.98
BFW116810M04 Male Connector Metric, 10mm, 1/4 NPT $15.85
BFW116810M06 Male Connector Metric, 10mm, 3/8 NPT $18.63
BFW116812M04 Male Connector Metric, 12mm, 1/4 NPT $18.56
BFW116812M06 Male Connector Metric, 12mm, 3/8 NPT $22.99
BFW116815M06 Male Connector Metric, 15mm, 3/8 NPT $36.73

PUSH TO CONNECT AIRBRAKE FITTINGS are manufactured especially for use
in truck and trailer air braking systems. These can also be used in secondary air
systems where a D.O.T approved fitting is required.

ADVANTAGES These fittings are corrosion resistant and offer reduced
assembly and maintenance times and also labour cost savings. Push to Connect Fittings offer
a simple tube connection and disconnection with no special assembly tools required.

APPLICATIONS Push to Connect Fittings are engineered specifically for use
in truck and trailer air braking systems other than between the chassis frame
and axle or between towed and towing vehicle.

FITTING SPECIFICATIONS Push Connect Fittings are manufactured to meet
D.O.T FMVSS106, SAE J1131 and DIN 74324 standards.

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