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Union Elbow

Union Elbow
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Qty SKU To Suit Tube OD Description Price
BF6504 1/4" Union Elbow $17.21
BF6505 5/16" Union Elbow $19.18
BF6506 3/8" Union Elbow $21.30

STANDARD COMPRESSION FITTINGS are the most basic style of Compression Fitting
made. This economical fitting is available in a wide range of off the shelf sizes and styles.

ADVANTAGES These fittings are easy to assemble requiring no soldering, flaring or
deburring. Standard Compression Fittings are suitable for a wide variety of applications.

APPLICATIONS May be used with copper, aluminum, brass, plastic and steel tubing. Installation
should be where low to medium pressures are encountered, and modest tube vibration/movement
is involved. Suitable for hazardous liquids, oils and fuels. Not recommended for use with gas.

Tube Size Hydraulic PSI  Pneumatic PSI Wrench turns
1/8 500 PSI 290 PSI 1.0
3/16 500 PSI 250 PSI 1.0
1/4 400 PSI 200 PSI 1.0
5/16 400 PSI 200 PSI 1.0
3/8 290 PSI 150 PSI 1.0
1/2 290 PSI 150 PSI 1.5
5/8 200 PSI 100 PSI 1.5

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