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Inline Flow Controller

Inline Flow Controller
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Qty SKU Tube Description Price
PFFCI08 8mm Inline Flow Controllers, 8mm $24.38
PFFCI10 10mm Inline Flow Controllers, 10mm $27.43

ㆍOne-Touch push-to-connect configuration allows an instant tubing connection.
ㆍSmooth-Edge release sleeve design facilitates a quick tubing disconnection.
ㆍAesthetically pleasing nickel-plated metallic optional feature ensures anti-contamination properties for an extended product life.
ㆍPre-applied sealant on all external threads eliminates the additional sealing requirement.
ㆍInternal and/or external flat-to-flat hexagonal configurations for both metric and inch specifications allow a proper tightening or directional orientation upon installation by using L key or allen wrench for the applicable model types.

Applicable Fluid Type AIR (No other type of gas or liquid)
Do not use in water application
Working Pressure Range 0~150PSI 0~9.9Kgf/cm²(0~990KPa)
Negative Pressure -29.5in Hg -750mmHg(-750Torr)
Working Temperature Range 32~140℉ 0~60℃

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