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Spiral Tie

Spiral Tie
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Qty SKU Description Description Price
THST06 6mm (15m Coil) Spiral Tie, 6mm (15m Coil) $11.55
THST-10 10mm (15m Coil) Spiral Tie, 10mm (15m Coil) $21.41
THST12 12mm (15m Coil) Spiral Tie, 12mm (15m Coil) $28.43
THST19 19mm (15m Coil) Spiral Tie, 19mm (15m Coil) $57.73
THST25 25mm (15m Coil) Spiral Tie, 25mm (15m Coil) $73.78
THST32 32mm (15m Coil) Spiral Tie, 32mm (15m Coil) $145.01
THST38 38mm (15m Coil) Spiral Tie, 38mm (15m Coil) $171.20
THST50 50mm (15m Coil) Spiral Tie, 50mm (15m Coil) $243.01

Versatile Cable and Hose Protection

Spiral tie provides protection and harnessing of single and multiple cable/hose bundles.  Spiral tie allows for easy breakouts and branching of the wrapped bundle.  This handy product is manufactured from low density polyethylene and offers excellent resistance against abrasion, rubbing and unwanted contact on the bundled contents.  Ideally suited for use in the home and office, pneumatic, electrical, marine, transportation and hydraulics industries.  UV resistant in Black.

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